Registration Policy

I thus declare that my parents/guardians and I have read and understood all of the Pro Cricket Championship Trophy ("PCCT") rules, regulations, and restrictions, and that we agree to follow them to the letter.

We have tacitly and openly acknowledged and accepted that the coaches' decisions regarding player selection will be final and binding on us.

I undertake that I will not ingest, swallow, inhale, or drink any performance-enhancing drugs or illegal substance/substances.

I understand and accept that if I am found guilty of breaching or violating any of the provisions of this agreement, my registration will be cancelled immediately.

In this case, the PCCT's Disciplinary Committee's decision will be final and binding on me.

We understand and agree that if the Applicant becomes injured during the camp/season and is unable to continue, we will not receive a refund.

The PCCT Management is not responsible for any medical ailment or injury that is not disclosed during the course of play.

If the PCCT's Disciplinary Committee cancels my registration for whatever reason, the registration fee paid by us will be forfeited, and we will have no recourse against the PCCT administration or their partners.

We understand and agree that if the event is cancelled for reasons beyond the control of the PCCT management, such as riots, civil unrest, war, acts of God, court orders, bans by local/state/federal governments, etc., we will not be reimbursed our registration money.

It is required that the parents/legal guardians execute an Indemnity Bond in the PCCT format on Rs. 10 Non-Judicial Stamp Paper. It must also be duly attested by a gazetted officer/notary and must be submitted affirmatively when reporting to the camp. Without a valid Indemnity Bond, entry to the camp will be denied.